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Recipe: Juicy Chocolate Cake with Whole Pears

As of today, Phase 1 of the current Sugar-Free Challenge is behind us – time to celebrate with some cake! This unique Juicy Chocolate Cake with Whole Pears is moist, decadent, and sweetened with just a little coconut blossom sugar and the natural fructose of the pears. Check it out: A quick and delicious cake […]


Recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Cake with Homemade Marzipan {No Refined Sugar}

Rhubarb season is winding down here in Germany! According to the produce calendars, June 24 is when the very last stalk of this fleshy delicacy will be pulled from the ground – which gives us just two-and-a-half weeks to bake this beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb Cake with Homemade Marzipan. So what are you waiting for? :-) […]


Recipe: Chocolate & Vanilla Belgian Waffles (Sugar-Free and Vegan)

Happy Easter! Do you guys love waffles as much as I do? I think they’re the perfect breakfast item for holidays or lazy Sunday mornings! When time is tight during the week, I usually make something quick and easy like Oatmeal or Overnight Oats for breakfast, but when things are a bit more relaxed, I […]


Recipe: Pumpkin Waffles with Cranberry Compote {Sugar-Free}

Did you all see the DIY Pumpkin Spice recipe I posted a few days ago? If you’ve already made it, here’s a great opportunity to try it out in a recipe! (I also love to use Pumpkin Spice Mix in this Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe when it gets cold out, and it works great in […]


Recipe: Gluten-Free Cottage Cheese Bread Made with Coconut Flour | Project: Sugar-Free {Phase 1}

In yesterday’s blog post, I promised you the recipe for my gluten-free bread from my new book Coconut Cooking. Not only does it fit perfectly into Phase 1 of the Sugar-Free Challenge, it’s super quick to prepare and absolutely delicious!Since the bread is made with cottage cheese and eggs, it’s not vegan. If you’re looking […]


Basic Recipe: Whole-Grain Fruit Muffins

A while back, I was on the hunt for a recipe for rhubarb muffins: preferably made with whole-grain flour and without milk or eggs. A little sugar or sweetener was okay – after all, muffins aren’t an everyday food. Here, I opted for coconut blossom sugar. Whether coconut blossom sugar is actually healthier than processed […]