This year’s Sugar-Free Challenge has begun – and the response so far has been incredible! Tons of you are participating, there’s been loads of engagement in the Facebook group and on Instagram, and my mailboxes are overflowing. Since I keep seeing the same concerns and questions from many of you, I’ve gathered together seven tips for making it easier to give up sugar.

Photo: © Franzi Schädel

1. Define your goal and keep your eyes on the prize

What do you want to achieve with the Sugar-Free Challenge? Figure out exactly what your goal is and keep it in mind always – this makes it easier to stick to your plans. Write it down if that helps.

2. Seek out support

It’s much easier to give up sugar if the people around you are cheering you on and helping you out. Who can stay on track when your partner is right there next to you on the sofa, devouring chocolate with gusto? Yeah, hardly anyone. If you partner, family, and even kids are taking part, you’ll find that there’s strength in numbers. Together we can do this!

And if you’re short on “offline” support, you’ll find plenty of encouragement in the Project: Sugar-Free Facebook Group!

3. De-junk your fridge and cupboards

That brings me straight to the next point: purge your fridge and storage cupboards and remove (or donate!) anything and everything that contains added sugar! Then replace is all with natural foods free of sugar. This will make it easier for you to avoid temptation and stay on track.

4. Plan your meals

Good planning is half the battle! If you think about what you’d like to eat in advance and map everything out, you won’t fall into the “sugar trap” as easily – which often happens when you don’t have a solid plan in place. You can find tons of info about meal planning and prep here. My Clean Eating to Go workshops focuses on this topic, too!

5. Eat healthy snacks

Snacks help curb cravings between meals. I keep my snacks simple: vegetables, fruits (fresh or dried), a handful of nuts, or an Energy Ball (during Phase 2 of the Challenge). You can find more info here.

6. Drink enough water

Staying hydrated, focusing on whole foods, and eating regularly will all help prevent cravings. Two to three liters of water per day are ideal. If you get sick of plain water, try unsweetened teas or water infused with fruit and herbs.

7. Don’t be too strict with yourself

Last but not least: relax! I keep hearing from participants who’ve inadvertently eaten sugar (e.g. in a restaurant or just out of old habits), fallen into despair, and even given up. This isn’t going to help you reach your goals. Put it behind you and move forward!

You got this! I wish you loads of fun and lots of success with your own personal Project: Sugar-Free :-)


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