Breaking a sugar addiction isn’t easy: temptations are lurking everywhere, and you’ll have to check ingredients lists pretty often, especially at the beginning. You’ll also have to cook a lot of your own food to avoid added sugar, but I promise you – it’s all worth it! (More on this below.)

To make taking the first steps toward overcoming sugar addiction even easier, I’ve summarized seven tips for you below:

1. Eat regularly

One way to implement the Clean Eating Concept is to eat several small meals per day. In addition to the main meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner – make space for two to three snacks. This helps balance blood sugar levels and prevents cravings.

2. Leafy greens

Like other bitter foods, green leafy vegetables reduce the craving for sweets – so it’s good to get some spinach, kale, lamb’s lettuce etc. into your diet every day. For tips on integrating more veggies and greens into your meals, check out my post here. Green smoothies also help to reduce cravings – just make sure that there’s more greens in there than fruit!

3. Herbs, spices, and more

There are several spices and superfoods that can help reduce the craving for sweets. These include cinnamon, vanilla, raw cacao, maca, lucuma, nutmeg, cardamom, chili, licorice root, mint, and lavender. Cinnamon, for example, helps prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which keeps you from developing out-of-control cravings! Golden Milk is especially wonderful when it gets cold out (if you don’t want to make your own Golden Milk spice mix, I recommend the Turmeric Latte Spice Mix from Sonnentor*).

4. Chai tea

In addition to Golden Milk, aromatic chai tea is great for warding off cravings. In my book Zuckerfrei, you’ll find a great basic recipe for making your own chai tea spice mix,* but of course there’s also tons of great bag teas and loose teas on the market (the ones form Sonnentor* and Shoti Maa* are especially good).

5. Sports and exercise

I’ve noticed that it’s easier for me to go without sugar when I exercise and move my body frequently. When we exercise, the body releases the same happiness hormones that are produced when we eat sugar.

6. Get enough sleep

When we get sufficient sleep, we tend to have fewer cravings. Aim for eight hours every night! 

7. Reward yourself the right way!

We all know it how it started: we were rewarded with sweets as children, or maybe we got something sweet if we hurt ourselves or behaved well. The pattern can follow us into our adulthood and it’s not easy to break!

To stay motivated, take some time to think about how you’d like to reward yourself for your hard work: 

  • What nice thing will you do for yourself after your first sugar-free day?
  • How will you “treat” yourself during the 40-day challenge?
  • When the 40-Day Sugar-Free Challenge is over, how will you celebrate your successes?

Whether you want to spend a day in the spa or enjoy a massage, buy a new yoga mat or pair of running shoes, pick something that will make you happy – just try not to reward yourself with food!

I personally think the biggest reward of all will be living with a sugar-free or reduced-sugar diet. To learn more about the positive effects on the body and mind of eating less sugar, check out this post here.

I wish you continued success with your own personal “Project: Sugar-Free,” and would love to hear more about your experiences – leave a comment here or on my social media channels!


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