For our vacation in the USA this year, my husband and I flew from Frankfurt to San Francisco and back again. In 2012, San Francisco Airport (SFO) became the very first airport to offer a yoga room that every traveler can use free of charge before, between, or after flights, round-the-clock. A great way to combat the stress of travel, in my opinion! I actually had a chance to check it out last year. :-)


In early 2016, two yoga rooms opened at the closer-to-home Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s main hub – one for Schengen flights and transfers, and one for non-Schengen transfers. The Frankfurt yoga rooms are accessible to all travelers, 24 hours a day.

yoga-room-sfo01 yoga-room-sfo02 yoga-room-sfo03 (All photos from San Francisco)

I think it’s great to be able to practice yoga or meditate while in transit, and I’m curious to see which airports follow suit (some other U.S. airports and London Heathrow already have yoga rooms, but the one in London is only for SkyTeam Alliance Business and First Class travelers).

Bottom line: pack your (travel) yoga mat in your carry-on bag, because you never know when you might be able to get in a few revitalizing sun salutations before boarding! :-)

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