Recently, I paid a visit to Hamburg’s Isemarkt and came home with a basket full of beautiful fruits and vegetables. I love it there! It’s just so much fun strolling through Eppendorf. The next time you visit Hamburg, be sure to check out the Isemarkt – it’s open every Tuesday and Friday! :-)

Bunte Tomaten

There are only two or three stalls at Isemarkt that sell tomatoes, and I just couldn’t resist the vibrant heirloom beauties pictured here. 


I hadn’t really thought about what I would do with them until inspiration hit a few days later and I whipped up a lovely Mediterranean salad following the principles of my Build a Salad guide and using ingredients I always have in stock. Enjoy!

Mediterraner Tomatensalat

Serves – 2

500 g tomatoes
120 g sun-dried tomatoes in oil
1 red onion
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (no added sugar)
½ bunch basil
½ bunch oregano
20 g pine nuts


1. Wash and chop tomatoes. Slice sun-dried tomatoes, reserving oil to use as a salad dressing. Peel and chop the red onion. Combine in a bowl.

2. Wash basil and oregano and pat dry. Add herbs and balsamic vinegar to salad.

3. Dry roast pine nuts in a pan until golden and add to salad. Season with salt and pepper.

Enjoy! :-)

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