Making your own instant veggie stock powder ­– free from all the gunk and additives you’ll usually find in the store-bought stuff – is so much easier than you’d think. A few months ago I posted a how-to for DIY Sugar- and Yeast-Free Vegetable Stock Powder, and today I’m excited to share my recipe for Autumn Vegetable Stock Powder with Pumpkin.

This stock powder is made with lovage, which is also one of the main ingredients in Maggi’s version (which makes my recipe ideal for those of you who grew up eating Maggi, like most of us here in Europe! :-) And then there’s the pumpkin – one of my favorite autumn foods – which lends a certain sweetness and depth.

Herbstliche Gemüsebrühe1

Autumn Instant Vegetable Stock Powder with Pumpkin


1 Stange Lauch
1 Pastinake
300 g Möhren
1 Gemüsezwiebel
1 Bund Frühlingszwiebeln
1 kleiner Hokkaido-Kürbis (ca. 700 g)
500 g Knollensellerie
1/2 Bund Oregano
1 Bund Liebstöckel („Maggikraut”)
100 g Salz


  1. Preheat oven to 75–80˚C (fan setting) or set up dehydrator according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Wash vegetables and herbs. Dry and peel if necessary, then dice or slice into rings.
  3. Wash leeks and remove ends. Quarter lengthwise. Wash and peel parsnips and carrots and remove ends. Quarter lengthwise. Peel onion. Wash, halve, and de-seed pumpkin. Wash and peel celery root. Finely chop everything.
  4. Wash the oregano and lovage, pat dry and finely chop.
  5. Line two baking trays with baking paper and spread vegetables out in a single layer. Let dry out in the oven for 90–120 minutes (drying time depends on thickness of veggies and how they’re distributed; drying may also take longer than 120 minutes). If necessary, leave oven wide open so moisture can escape.
  6. Combine dried vegetables with salt and pulverize in a blender.

The veggie stock powder will stay fresh for at least one year.

Herbstliche Gemüsebrühe2 Herbstliche Gemüsebrühe3 Herbstliche Gemüsebrühe4

Have fun! :-)

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