I’ve been cooking with the pseudograin quinoa for several years now, and I’ve noticed it’s been showing up more and more in restaurants and cafés – and is also being hailed as a superfood. But cooking quinoa is a bit different from cooking rice, for example, and there a few things to keep in mind. Check out my tips below:

Quinoa1. Rinse

Place the quinoa in a tight mesh sieve or nut milk bag* and rinse under cold running water until water run clear. This flushes out any of the remaining saponins, which are usually removed at the industrial level. (Keep in mind that children under the age of two should not eat quinoa, as the saponins can create intolerances.)

2. Roast in a pan (optional)

To bring out quinoa’s nutty flavor, roast in a pan with oil before cooking. If I’m making a savory dish with the quinoa, I use olive oil; for sweet dishes, I’ll use coconut oil. 

3. Add ideal amount of liquid

When cooking quinoa, the ratio of quinoa to water is 1:3. That means that 50 g of quinoa requires 150 ml of liquid – water or veggie broth for savory dishes, and milk or milk alternatives like almond milk or rice milk for sweet dishes.

4. Cook it properly

The ideal cooking time for quinoa is around 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

5. Remove excess liquid

There may still be some liquid left after cooking – if that’s the case, drain the quinoa over a fine sieve before serving.

Quinoa Pfanne mit Pfifferlingen und Bohnen

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