By now, you’re all well aware of my love of breakfast – right? :-) Well, as much as I enjoy taking the time to put together a beautiful breakfast, I also enjoy wandering down the breakfast aisle at the health food store and checking out all the instant oatmeal and porridges. Every now and then, a box may even end up in my shopping cart.

That’s because new varieties of instant hot cereals – which only have to be boiled with liquid (e.g. milk, non-dairy milk, or water) for a few minutes to make a healthy, satisfying breakfast – are always showing up on the market.

What bugs me, however, is how extremely expensive instant oatmeal can be (to me, at least!): three to six euros for 500 grams is the standard. In addition, (usually raw cane sugar), and sometimes other undesirable additives to boot!

That’s why one day I had the idea to simply make my own instant oatmeal. Lena from A Very Vegan Life got there a bit faster and posted her Instant Oatmeal recipe (in German) a few months ago. At the end of last year,she also published her first book, Mix it!,* which includes 120 vegan blender recipes. I’m definitely picking up a copy! :-)

The advantages of homemade Instant Oatmeal are clear:

  • You can decide for yourself which ingredients to use. (For example, you can omit the sugar.)
  • You get more Instant Oatmeal for less money.
  • Instant Oatmeal can be prepared in advance, which saves precious morning time when making porridge.

Here’s the basic recipe as well as three variations – enjoy!

Instant Oatmeal / Porridge

Rezept drucken
Rezept drucken
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
  1. Alle Zutaten in den Mixer geben (Ich verwende den Vitamix Pro 750*), kurz mixen und dann in ein verschließbares Glas oder in eine Dose geben.
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Rezept Instant Porridge Oatmeal1

All ingredients before blending …

Rezept Instant Porridge Oatmeal2

… and after!

More flavor combos:

  • Mango Maca: 10 g shredded coconut, 10 g freeze-dried mangoes, 1 tsp maca powder
  • Raspberry Açaí: 10 g freeze-dried raspberries,* 1 tbsp açaí powder*
  • Apple Cinnamon: 20 g dried apples (apple chips), 1 tbsp cinnamon  

If you want to try the combos, it’s important that your ingredients are super dry. That’s why I use freeze-dried mangoes instead of “normal” dried mangoes, which get rather sticky in the blender. Freeze-dried mangoes, on the other hand, turn into a beautiful powder. :-)

To make the variants, simply blend 100 g of the basic mix with the other ingredients. This will result in approximately 120 g of Instant Oatmeal.

For two portions of cooked porridge, I use approximately 100 g Instant Oatmeal and 250–300 ml non-dairy milk (oat milk, almond milk, etc.). Add the non-dairy milk to a small pot, whisk in Instant Oatmeal, and let boil briefly. Serve with fruits, nuts, etc.       

Instant Oatmeal with oat milk, Cranberry Compote, blueberries, and cacao nibs.*

My basic recipe for “normal” (non-instant) porridge can be found here. For more breakfast ideas, check out this list.

Have fun and enjoy! :-)

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