The New Year opens up all kinds of possibilities for change. Exercise more, eat better, stress less – all good intentions!  

Last year, I gave you some tips for turning intentions into habits; this year, I’m excited to share seven more simple tips for a healthier year. Keep in mind that it’s good not to overdo things in the beginning – instead, take small steps toward success. It all adds up! :-) 

© Franzi Schädel

  1. Eat breakfast regularly.There are so many quick and easy breakfast ideas out there: like Overnight Oats, which are prepped the night before, left to chill in the fridge overnight (hence the name), and ready to eat in the morning! Find all my breakfast recipes here.  
  2. Drink green smoothies. New to green smoothies? Check out some tips to get you started, and learn about some details that might trip you up. And if you’ve already drunk your share of green smoothies, read my advanced tips here.  
  3. Eat more vegetables.  Find seven tips here.
  4. Plan and prep your meals. Read more about improving your efficiency in the kitchen here.
  5. Eat less sugar. Learn more about going sugar-free in these posts.
  6. Exercise regularly. Want to get fit, but don’t have a lot of time? Check out this post.
  7. Chill out! Read my five tips for reducing stress
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