When I posted Eating More Vegetables – 7 Tips a few months ago, I didnt expect they’d resonate so much with all of you – they even got picked up by the online edition of a major food magazine! (I’m not linking them here because they didn’t credit me!)  


I ordered these heart apples from Herzapfelhof Lührs, an orchard in the Altes Land (a marshland that includes parts of Lower Saxony and Hamburg, not far from us!). We served them to our guests after our wedding ceremony alongside all the cupcakes, cake pops, and macarons! 

Anyway, after the post appeared here on the blog, I received multiple requests for tips on increasing fruit consumption. Personally, I don’t find it difficult to eat enough fruit – I just love fruit way too much! Which is why I’d never considered writing about it. But after hearing from so many of you, I gave the topic some thought and came up with this list. Enjoy!   

  1. Always keep your kitchen stocked with fruit.I always do – really! At the very least, you’ll always find apples in my fruit bowls (of which I have several, by the way). I’ll usually have at least one apple per day. Thats what my parents taught me – I used to have to eat an apple before I could eat sweets. As a child I sometimes found this habit stupid, although I liked eating apples even then. Either way, I kept it up!
  1. Cut the fruit into small pieces. Some people shy away from whole pieces of fruit – like my husband, for example. Thats why I always cut the fruit into small pieces and serve them in a bowl at the table– you wont believe how fast it all disappears! Which brings me to my next tip … 
  1. Make fruit salad.just love fruit salad! I usually use my Nicer Dicer to make fruit salad so that I dont have to spend forever chopping. I simply add a little lemon juice and toppings like goji berries* or nuts. 
  1. Cook with fruit. Yup, it works. My Autumn Salad with Pumpkin, Pear, Blue Cheese, and Walnuts is made with sautéed pears and they work beautifully in this recipe!  
  1. Eat fruit for breakfast.Once in a while I’ll have a savory breakfast – usually on weekends – but otherwise I’m having Overnight Oats, porridge, and so on loaded with fruit!  
  1. Makefruit smoothies. Of course, you can also drink your fruit. Blend it up into a smoothie or  
  1. Make your own juice.Ive had juicing fever for a few months now, pressing all sorts of fruit (and veggies) through my  I tend to avoid store-bought juices, because they’re usually loaded with sweeteners – and also because homemade tastes so much better!   

Got more tips? Let us know in the comments! :-) 

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