As regular readers of this blog know, my meals must be nourishing and delicious – and also quick and easy to make! On a normal day, I can’t (and don’t want to) spend more than 30 minutes making food. Typically, I cook daily, and mostly in the evening – and man, am I relieved when I can finally hit the sofa.

Here, I’ve put together seven of my favorite cooking timesavers. Enjoy!

Preparation is everything

Plan ahead! On the weekend, I always draw up a meal plan for the coming week, buy what I need, and have the recipes ready to go. I used to shop almost every day and spontaneously cook whatever called out to me at the supermarket, which ultimately ends up taking a lot more time. (Find detailed information about my weekly planning and preparation in this post).

Cook in advance

Not only do I cook my meals fresh in the evening, but I’ll also often precook as well. In the U.S., weekly precooking, or meal prep has become a huge trend – and while I don’t usually do a week in advance, I’ll often precook for the next day’s lunch. Alternatively, I’ll make larger portions I don’t precook for a whole week, but often for the next lunch. Or I prepare larger portions (e.g. quinoa), which I continue to use in the next few days. Here, too, you can save a lot of time with clever planning.

Order is half the battle

It’s true! Over the weekend, I purged our pantry yet again. With all the cupboards sorted and tidied, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for, and you don’t have to spend ages trying to dig up spelt flour or beluga lentils. It also saves money! After clearing things out, I discovered some food items that I’d totally forgotten about – and now I can use those up before spending money on anything else.

Reading the recipe carefully before starting to cook, and assembling the necessary materials and ingredients, also saves time.

Slicing aid

I love my Nicer Dicer!* It allows you to cut fruits and vegetables into cubes, sticks, quarters, eighths, and slices. You can also plane, grate, and much more. If you don’t feel like spending forever in the kitchen slicing things up, this is a great solution. By the way, chopped vegetables (like potatoes) cook much faster, too. More details on the Nicer Dicer* here.

 Obstsalat Nicer Dicer 4

Pressure cooker and electric kettle

After receiving one as a sample, I’ve been using the vitavit premium pressure cooker from Fissler* quite a bit (read more about it on my Kitchen Equipment page). Pressure cookers are great for preparing beans, beetroots, and other time-consuming foods.

Also worth noting: your electric kettle isn’t just for tea! You can get your water to boil faster by heating it in the kettle and adding it to the cooking pot.

Fissler Schnellkochtopfen 1

Preserved foods

A huge timesaver is using already cooked chickpeas, beans, and lentils from glass jars – just check the ingredients to make sure there’s no added sugar or other additives! Sure, it’s nice to make your beans fresh, but the time saved is worth gold.

One-Pot / One-Pan Recipes

The popularity of dishes requiring just one pot or one pan endures – and rightly so, in my opinion! One-Pot Pasta is one of my favorites, but it’s also easy to whip up a curry in using just one pot or pan. The biggest upside? So much less to clean up!

One Pot Pasta

What are your time saving tips for cooking? Let us know in the comments!



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