Okay, okay … so the weather isn’t exactly “tropical” up here in Hamburg at the moment, but I’d still love to introduce you to my Basic Recipe for a Power Breakfast: Açaí Bowls. (These bowls are hugely popular in the USA, as you can see from this post on my recent trip.) Actually, they do have a bit of a holiday feel, and are great with warm tea! Açai powder is the easiest to find, but if you have access to frozen açaí fruit, that could work as well (read more about açaí here). Enjoy!

Basic Recipe for a Power Breakfast: Açaí Bowls

Açaí Bowls

Rezept drucken
Rezept drucken
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
  • 1 banana frozen
  • 200 g strawberries or raspberries, frozen or fresh
  • 100 ml milk or milk alternative
  • 1 tsp açaí powder
  1. Blend banana with berries, milk or milk alternative, and açaí powder (I use the Vitamix Pro 750*). If you don’t have a high-speed blender,* thaw the frozen fruit and then use an immersion blender.
  2. Transfer smoothie to a bowl and garnish with toppings.
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1 tbsp green pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp bee pollen*
1 tbsp dried mulberries*
1 tbsp dried physalis*
1 tbsp goji berries*
1 tsp Chia seeds*
1 tsp cacao nibs*
1 tbsp freeze-dried raspberries*

Get adventurous with the toppings! I bought the freeze-dried raspberries (in the far-right photo) at the Isemarkt in Hamburg. Try using granola and fruit as well.

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Enjoy! :-)

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