As much as I love spring and summer, I also love the cozy autumn – especially autumn cooking! I love pumpkin and beetroot, figs and thyme, apples and pears, and all the other treasures that are in season in autumn. That’s why I’ve decided to collect all of my autumn recipes from the blog into one big post! Hannah Frey

Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin and other kinds of squash are true regional superfoods! Admittedly, I really only got into pumpkin a few years ago – but since then it’s been a major part of my autumn cooking repertoire.


Beetroot Recipes

I think when it comes to beetroot, you either love it – like I do – or you hate it. Whether beetroot is cooked or pressed into juice, I love the bright yet earthy flavor. I highly recommend you cook your own beetroot, by the way – it’s so much better than the version from jar or can. Beetroot takes a long time to cook, by the way, so I use a pressure cooker.

Fig Recipes

While I love dried figs, nothing beats fresh figs: whether as a snack of part of a dessert, added to a salad or in sugar-free jam! This Toast with Goat Cheese, Sautéed Onions, and Fig Jam recipe is my absolute favorite, and it’s in our regular rotation during the (much-too-short) fig season.


More Autumn Recipes

Happy Autumn! Enjoy!

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