Ever find it hard to get in enough greens? While most of us can easily eat tons of fruit, salads and veggies often fall by the wayside.

Although I’ve always eaten lots of fruits and vegetables, I’ve gravitated more toward fruit. That’s changing, however! Over the past few months, I’ve made a conscious effort to eat more veggies, and I’m now eating a much higher volume of greens than ever before. Check out my tips below:

Gemüse bunt

    1. Have a side salad with every meal and have salad as a main course at least once a week.
    2. Layer them on: adding lettuce, cucumber, tomato, or avocado to a sandwich instantly improves things.
    3. Have a vegetable soup as a main.
    4. Veggie sticks with dip make a beautiful Clean Eating alternative to chips and other greasy snacks.
    5. Drink your vegetables: go for green smoothies or cold-pressed juices with a high proportion of greens.
    6. It’s easy to grow your own sprouts at home all year round in a sprouting jar; read more about it here. Sprouts make a delicious addition to salads and cooked dishes.
    7. And finally: make sure your kitchen is stocked with vegetables! After a long day at work, you’re not going to want to put much effort into making dinner. A salad can be made in 10 minutes if you already have all the ingredients ready to go at home.

Got more tips? Let us know in the comments! :-)

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