Ever since I my enjoyed my first Watermelon Pizza a few weeks ago on Fuerteventura, I’ve been wanting to make my own at home! As you can see, the “crust” of this refreshing summer treat is made of sliced watermelon (about two centimeters thick), while coconut flakes serve as “cheese” and the fruits as “toppings.” (Here, I chose strawberries, grapes, kiwis, and apricots.) Of course, you can also cut the fruit into smaller pieces, if you’d like. Let your imagination run wild, or just use whatever you have lying around the kitchen!

Watermelon Pizza works well as a Clean Eating snack and as a dessert. I’ve also heard that kids love it! It took less than five minutes to put together – in my opinion, there’s no more convincing argument for healthy eating than “quick and easy to make.”

Want more sweet pizza? Check out my Yogurt and Mixed Berry Breakfast Pizza (Vegan). Enjoy! :-)

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