My dears, I’ve got a brand new recipe for you today! Recently I haven’t had much time to post on the blog, since I’ve had so much going over here. Don’t worry, I still have plenty to share with you – I’ll be posting more soon!  

At this sushi-making course in Hanover, which I attended last year, the cooks told us that sushi doesn’t always have to be savory – you can also make sushi sweet! I’d never heard of any kind of sweet sushi before, let alone sweet sushi with fruit. Anyway, ever since I took that cooking class, I’ve had “Make sweet sushi” on my to-do list!

But as you all know, my recipes have to be super simple to make and require less than 30 minutes of active prep. For me, following a healthy diet has to be something you can do every day! I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had much time for elaborate experiments. But on the afternoon of Ascension Day, I decided to take a break from working to venture, along with my sister, into the “sweet sushi” unknown. The prep took about one hour (which is about how long it takes with normal sushi), so plan on making it when you’ll have a bit more time. The time investment definitely paid off, however: the sweet sushi was delicious and works great as both dessert and a main course.

And best of all, even though the sushi is sweet, it doesn’t contain any refined sugar. Instead, it’s sweetened apple juice, coconut milk, and fresh fruit. Enjoy!

Sweet Sushi with Fruit

Rezept drucken
Rezept drucken
Prep Time 30 Minuten
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time
  • 250 g mochi rice
  • 700 ml coconut milk
  • 300 ml apple juice no added sugar
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 Orange
  • 1 generous pinch ground vanilla* or 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • fruit (strawberries, banana, melon, raspberries, blueberries, kiwis, peaches ...)
  1. In a saucepan, bring coconut milk, apple juice, and lemon juice to a boil. Add rice and simmer for about 30 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally, until rice has a firm consistency (similar to normal sushi rice).
  2. While rice is hooking, cut fruit into small pieces.
  3. Make the dressing: blend or purée the juice of 1–2 oranges with vanilla.
  4. Remove rice from heat and let cool.
  5. Using your hands, shape rice pudding into balls. Plate and garnish with fruit and toppings.

Top your sweet sushi with chopped pistachios, goji berries, shredded coconut, mint leaves ...

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Have fun and enjoy! :-)

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